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Our Professional Services include:

  • Counselling: a broad spectrum service offered liberally to cover almost every client who walks into our offices to do business with us. Offered free of charge at its initial stage to help enquirers make informed choices
  • Applications: a systematic approach to quality applications through their various stages for consideration of acceptance into universities, colleges and institutes of higher learning offered at a fee.
  • Visa Protocol Services: offered basically to clients who patronise our entire comprehensive service. It is not accessible to people outside our comprehensive service range except where specifically requested for by a member institution as a required service for a direct applicant. Visa protocol is a very essential and vital service to our operation.
  • Assistance with support services on arrival: these include airport pick up and initial accommodation.
Only universities and colleges approved by the government accreditation committee are eligible for sponsored students. The students and scholarship bodies need to be made aware of not only the existence of the university or college but also its or their core strengths.

Choosing to study abroad is a very important and life changing decision, and obtaining a British degree from United Kingdom universities for instance will mean excellent career opportunities and job prospects. We have many years of experience in placing international students into foreign universities and colleges.

Contact us if you are looking for information to study in United Kingdom or any of the countries mentioned above. We have a sound understanding of the American, Canadian and British education systems.

We are highly experienced with student counselling on education programmes and we have excellent track records of preparing students and guiding them through the application, admission and visa processes. We are a registered / accredited member of the British Agency commission. We are in collaboration agreement with ABC Consult ltd in attracting international project funders.

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Project facilitation scheme at a glance

In addition to our medical and Academic Services, Exceeds Medical & Academic Services (UK) limited in collaboration with our funders welcomes international investors and government agencies to the opportunities to develop high yield-potential investments in stable and emerging Africa and Asian countries - where the rate of return on investment can be far superior to anything available elsewhere.

Our solid contacts across four continents (Africa, Asia, North America and Europe) will give your international project the invaluable hands-on, local experience necessary for success.

Working with over fifty multi-billion dollar companies worldwide, we have the skills and experience to support Large and Medium Enterprises and Financial Institutions overcome the technical, regulatory and managerial challenges to realize your projects' full potential.

We are a consultancy company with the core activity of facilitating project funding for Government and other agencies seeking for Large or Medium Enterprises and financial institutions willing to invest their funds in such projects, with a mutual benefit of good return on Investment and fast tracked developmental goals.

In addition we extend our expertise to management oversight and technical support assistances for these projects while helping to ensure that our partner investors achieve their vision within the visualized time frame.

At present we partner with over fifty companies around the world drawn from various industries, each with a minimum investment Capital base of about $3 billion US Dollars and transacting in more than twenty countries in both Africa and Asia.

With our head office strategically located one hour away from the world's major financial city of London, we are uniquely positioned to bring growth strategies to our expatriate clients and international investors around the globe.

Our commitment is to ensure that we deliver a viable opportunity and tailor made advice to our investor partners helping them create value and wealth in otherwise competitive market place. At the same time we ensure that partner countries maximize the potential available through these investment opportunities to create value for their citizenry, achieve election promises and accelerate millennium development goals.

Both investors and Government alike can take advantage of our solid contacts and network across Africa, Asia, Europe and United States to achieve their desired goals.

Our procedure is simple and based on individual understanding between us and investors and/or government. We welcome any proposal from any international investor or government agency with a view to discussing any potential project as well as existing investment opportunity, particularly in stable and emerging Africa and Asian countries where the rate of return on investment is un-imaginably encouraging.

Securing Global Partnerships in the Public and Private Sectors

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Key Activities Summary:

... Arranging funding for worldwide projects...

... Over 50 partnerships with $3billion+ companies...

... Specialists in Europe, USA, Africa & Asia...

... Location, management, and technical expertise...

Our Services

As Professional Project Consultants and Facilitation Company we are committed to offering the highest standard of service backed up by years of experience and professional qualifications of our Directors and management. Specifically in Industrial/Residential Property, Agriculture, Mining, Information technology, Hydro, Power and Solar Energy, Security and Waste Management projects we ensure our team is fully versed in the latest technological developments, management processes and current legislation governing the industries to provide the following primary services:

  • Project Identification and Sourcing
  • Sourcing and Provision for right investors depending on project
  • Project conceptual planning and Estimating
  • Guaranteeing Project authorization
  • Pre- Project Supervision, Management and Support
  • After project management, Maintenance and Support
  • Planning and Control Approval
  • Provision of professional security to government agencies/expatriates
  • Whether as corporate bodies, government agencies or private individuals we offer a tailored project management package to suit your need.


Our range of project includes but not limited to the following core projects:

Industrial and residential Property

In industrial and residential property our partners are specialist in various kinds of building constructions including: High rise buildings and edifices, development of satellite towns, contemporary malls and business centers, exclusive housing estates, schools and universities, residential quarters, Low cost houses and private residences tailor made to suit our clients' purposes.


Our agricultural projects includes, Mechanized rice and fish farming, High yield seed/grain procurement and farming, Mechanized irrigation systems, Setting up of production plants, Re-engineering of existing or non-operational facilities, Installation of Processing and Packaging facilities for production of agricultural produce to meet both export and internal consumption requirement.


Our team of investors and partners on transport are renowned for world class infrastructure in building A1 roads and Bridges, Water Ways, River Dredging and Sea transportation, seaport constructions and management, Railway construction or any other form of public transport and management ensuring technical surveillance and safety measures. Our team in addition can undertake and guarantee management of these facilities to add value to both the government and citizens of these nations and to the investors alike. We will welcome to draw concepts for any envisaged projects without prior structural architecture, just contact any member of our team to discuss this.


We are in direct partnership with renowned quarry/mining companies with professional experience in the sector fully conversant with global environmental regulatory requirements. Our partners have the potential to invest in the industry with an ability to mine and harness mineral resources such as Iron and Magnetite Ore, Tin, Coal, Colum bite, Gold, Diamond, Rubber, Clinker and limestone.

Information technology

We have vast experienced and reliable providers for all round services in IT ranging from telecommunication and broadband services to Networking, Software programming, and support.

Waste Management / Water Recycling Facilities

We assist government of any level to facilitate investment in collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials to reduce effect on health, environment or aesthetics. Whether Waste management in the area of resource recovery, focusing on delaying the rate of consumption of natural resources, solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive wastes, Landfills, Incineration, Recycling, sustainability using Biological reprocessing, energy recovery, waste handling, transportation , avoidance and reduction concepts, we will provide the expertise in this sector.

Hydro, Thermal Power and Solar Energy

Our hydro, thermal and Solar Energy providers will potentially assist you with mega power plants to power your business, state, region or territory to achieve maximum economic growth. The generated power from these energy projects are 100% renewable and virtually limitless. When it comes to Photovoltaic Solar System, our partners can provide turn-key solutions for the commercial sector from building integrated systems to large scale roof top projects.


Our partners on security consultancy specialize in technical surveillance countermeasures, information security and corporate investigations. Being amongst the leading private security and risk management companies our security team provides a comprehensive service covering all areas of the globe, combining the proven track record and expertise to enable our clients - multinationals, governments, international agencies and many others - to minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

Our partners in Oil and Gas focus on the development of award winning projects and contracts in the global oil, gas and petrochemical upstream and downstream sectors.

Our service includes conceptual development, construction, management and maintenance of refineries with latest technologies to achieve optimal oil and gas production capacity, while helping to create value and maximize wealth for the states. Our partners use eco-friendly mechanisms to build, maintain or manage sites. They offer first-class training to indigenous companies and staff equipping them with the right know-how to investigate new opportunities in oil exploration, maintain existing refineries and create value to those businesses and their immediate environment. We therefore welcome any sort of investment in Oil and Gas upstream or downstream sector.

Educational Institution: University Village

Another key area of investment we can deliver in conjunction with our financiers is in development of a "University Village". Our partners with over 25 years of investment experience in the education sector in UK and around the world has the turn key solution to bring British University Education to the developing and developed countries alike. The whole idea is to create a "University Village" with a high quality campus with British teaching and examination standards awarding degrees from Britain thereby providing the best British education in your community. Our University villages are designed to meet a high level of social economic standard for both students and local communities with the following facilities: Sports stadium, Hotel accommodation for visitors, Micro finance Banks, Pharmacy and Clinic with Resident Doctor, Restaurants and Bars, Conference Centers for events, Paid Research and Shopping centres, Travel Shops, IT accessories stores, Campus shops for University merchandise, Car Rental, Laundry and Dry cleaning services, Gym and Health Club, Hair dressing and Beauty Salons. Our structures are designed to accommodate between 30,000-40,000 students in a year. We welcome your expression of interest sent to us through our contact page giving reasonable information as to what is required.


We welcome invitation from Organizations, Government agencies, Investors or their direct representatives. Our procedure of engagement demands an official Letter of Intent (LOI) for any potential project to explain:

  • Type and details of Project
  • Expected Place of Project Location/State/Country
  • If project is Private or Government initiated
  • If conceptual drawings, plan or valuations are readily available or to be created by ABC cons
  • Estimated value of Project
  • Technique of Project Finance Repayment: (For instance; We require State Sovereign Guarantee )
  • Contact person(s) for this project with contact details
  • Estimated Date of Commencement and Expected Completion Time
  • Intended Scheme of Management of potential project
  • Any other details relevant to the project under discussion.

On receipt of the above LOI, we will respond within 48hrs to confirm receipt and arrange a TTM where all cards will be placed on desk to achieve the final agreement and contract. This however will depend on the swiftness of the negotiating parties to come to a consensus on the working terms. We reckon with 60days for the entire negotiation process to be completed and project commences.

For any un-clarity with the procedure or any other enquiries, please contact any member of our team following our Contact page accordingly to be properly guided.